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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 11:57 AM
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Well, I've grown tired of the anti-furverts bashing in my previous journal, so I figured I would do this fun little thing I found in :icontamarinfrog:'s journal just recently.

What Pokemon Type is your favorite?

Normal is actually my favorite type, above all others. The reason being is because Zangoose, who is my favorite, is a Normal-type, and because one of the best Evolution groups comes from a Normal-Type: the Eeveelutions.

My second favorite Type is Dark for a couple different reasons, one of which is my favorite Eeveelution is Umbreon.

All right, how about your favorite region? Least favorite?

My favorite region has got to be Sinnoh. The main reason behind this decision is the fact that Sinnoh was the first region I ever played in, as Pearl was the first game I ever owned. The variation from place to place really helped explain why certain pokemon lived there, and really made it fun to walk instead of Fly. That, and Solaceon is my favorite place of all. I actually would live near Solaceon if I had to live anywhere in the pokemon world.

I'm gonna say Johto is my least favorite, mainly because of the running I had to do in Heartgold to track down Entei and Raikou!

List your top ten favorite pokemon of all time (and tell us why!)

Ok, this is going to include some typing!

1. Zangoose
As I stated above, Zangoose is my top favorite pokemon, partly thanks to Pokemon Colosseum, and because he's just bad-ass. None of my friends use Zangoose because of his defenses, so he's become 'my' pokemon among my friends and I. Sure, he can't take much of a hit, but with the moves I usually teach him, he usually lasts a good while when battling. Plus, Zangoose always puts off a tough-guy personality, hiding any insecurities and such to others (to me, at least). That, and he just looks very cuddly!

2. Umbreon
Umbreon is my second-favorite pokemon of all time. There are several reasons, the main of which being that one of my best friends in the furry fandom, the one who had the greatest influence in my staying a fur from the beginning, often draws his character as an Umbreon. The bond I had with him, along with how much he trusted me when we talked every day, really meant a lot to me, which is why I always use Umbreon on all of my teams. The fact that he is a very good defender with a unique moveset really doesn't mean much to me. I actually use him in a different manner to how most would use him.

3. Flygon
Funnily enough, Flygon is the only Dragon-type pokemon I will (currently) ever try to train. He's actually the only Dragon-type I like right now. I actually really enjoy battling with him, because of the strong moves he can learn, and the fact that he can use Fly, which makes him versatile in the stories. My friends actually said he really fits on my team, and none of the others would use him because of his incredible weakness against ice. I actually would make him the lead pokemon of my team if I actually lived in a Pokemon universe.

4. Lucario
Ah, Lucario. So many people like him because of how he looks. I, on the other hand, find everything about him very cool. I really enjoy his move-sets, and just think he looks bad-ass. It took me a while to choose to use him, but when I did, I was very happy I did. I actually like his normal colors over the shiny colors, though if I could choose, I'd have him be black and white, like on SSB Brawl.

5. Buizel and Floatzel
Oddly enough, I love Buizel a lot more than Floatzel, mainly due to the fact that Buizel is ADORABLE, while Floatzel has a more cool look. I put both of them as #5 due to how much I like each for their different things. I also like Floatzel for his moves and strengths. Fast, water, powerful attacker, and cuddly! Would definitely make a sweet swimming buddy. ^^ I also enjoy how :iconsuper-tuler: and :iconteazs: draw Floatzel.

6. Arcanine
Arcanine is one of my top 6 pokemon, and one of the few Fire-type pokemon I like. He's got a strong attack, very quick, and is one of the few pokemon that can learn Extremespeed naturally. That, and it's a giant fire dog. That would be one of the BEST bellies to lean against on a cool spring day!

There is one other reason I like Arcanines so much, but I'm not gonna go into that here.

7. Seviper
This one is actually a fairly new addition to my favorites list. I really enjoy snakes, and Seviper looks kinda cute! Of course, if I were to train both Zangoose and Seviper, I'd get the two of them to be friends somehow. Seviper is the first Poison-type I've ever trained, and I'm hoping that he works well. :)

8. Swampert
Yes, Swampert. While he is actually my friend's lead pokemon, I really dig Swampert. He's just a bad-ass! I mean, he's immune to electric-type moves, is a strong attacker, and he looks CUTE! And I do leik Mudkips. :)

9. Lugia
Lugia is actually my favorite because of how large and huggable it looks. Not much more to say than that, really.

10. The other 6 Eeveelutions
I really can't pick a single 10th pokemon for my favorites, and I have actually seen an Eevee team (they had a Glaceon instead of Umbreon, something I would have swapped), kick my friend's team's butt on Colosseum. The cats are all just a great team! I am actually hoping to eventually train a team of my 6 favorites from them to use!

11. Hitmontop
Honorable mention goes to Hitmontop, because he's the one Hitmon evolution I like from the three.

List your top ten least favorite pokemon (and why!)

I don't have a 'top ten' least favorite list, because all of my least favorite pokemon share the same common dislike: broken movesets. Not going to list any pokemon as a result.

Favorite Legendary? Least Favorite?

Favorite: Lugia

Least Favorite: Tie between Darkrai and Kyogre

Favorite Pokemon by type:

Bug: Scyther (Just because of his cute bad-ass look)
Dark: Umbreon
Dragon: Flygon
Electric: Jolteon
Fight: Hitmontop
Fire: Arcanine
Flying: Staraptor
Ghost: Haunter
Grass: Leafeon
Ground: Sandslash
Ice: Weavile
Normal: Zangoose
Poison: Seviper
Psychic: Lugia
Rock: Onix
Steel: Lucario
Water: Floatzel

That was a long journal. Hope you guys enjoy!



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